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The Rainbow is for YHUH by Brittani Ramirez

R 270

The Rainbow is for YHUH

Embark on a colourful journey through the pages of "The Rainbow Is for Yahuah," a Torah Observant/ Messianic Children's Book designed to captivate young readers aged 3-8. This beautifully crafted book celebrates Yah's promise and love as symbolized by the rainbow.

In this 49 page captivating exploration, children will discover the story behind Yah's covenant and the significance of the rainbow as depicted in the scriptures. Each vibrant page is filled with stunning illustrations that bring the narrative to life, creating a visually captivating experience for young readers. Nurturing a deep connection to Yah's teachings, instilling valuable lessons that will shape children's understanding of faith, love, and the world around them. With its engaging narrative and vibrant illustrations, this book is a wonderful tool for parents and educators seeking to cultivate a strong foundation of spiritual values in young children.


- Torah Observant Christian Children's Book for ages 3-8
- Explores the significance of the rainbow in Yah's promise and love
- Vibrant illustrations and scripturally accurate narrative
- Encourages children to embrace faith, unity, and Yah's everlasting presence
- Fosters curiosity, spiritual growth, and deep connection to Yah's teachings


Keywords: Torah Observant Children's Book, Christian Children's Book, Rainbow Symbolism, Yah's Promise, Love, Covenant, Scripturally Accurate, Faith, Unity, Spiritual Growth


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