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The Scriptures Bible

R 510

The 2009 edition is the new version in English.

A literal translation by Institute for Scripture Research, overseen by Dr. Chris Koster.

New in the 2009 edition:

  • This new English translation includes Genesis through Revelation.
  • Restores the Name of our Creator to the Text in each place it occurs in Modern Hebrew letters. 
  • Improvements to the text, seeking a yet closer equivalent to the literal meaning of the original language.
  • Quotations / Allusions from the Tanakh (O.T.) are in bold type in the Second Writings (N.T.), and are accompanied by the text references, aiding your understanding of the original contexts, and how they influence the writers drawing upon them.
  • Hebrew names of Book Titles are now on right hand pages with corresponding traditional English names on the left hand pages, making it easier for you to find the place, and easier to learn the Hebrew titles.
  • (Hebrew names are also used where possible for annual festival days, as well as being used, minimally, for ambiguous words).
  • Removal of doctrinal comments from footnotes, explanatory notes etc., (including deletion of prophecy hairlines) in favour of more useful notes, thus clearing away obstacles to your unbiased study of Scripture.
  • Maps, Timelines, Illustrations have been added.

Available in paperback or hardcover option. 1250 pages.

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