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Towerbuster [Outdoor Use]

R 290

Towerbuster [Outdoor Use]

"The "Dirty Harry" Orgonite Towerbuster is the universal and essential Orgonite gifting tool.

It will neutralise any harmful cellphone tower, HAARP radiation and other EMF.

Use it to energise your home and garden, too!

The Orgonite Towerbuster "Dirty Harry" is the most versatile of all Orgonite devices.

It is the perfect Orgonite tool for your Orgone gifting field expeditions or any other outdoor Orgone healing application where "looks don't matter".

A single Orgonite Towerbuster like this can be enough to convert a cellphone tower from death force transmitter into an Orgone generator. Towerbusters can be used to improve the energy practically everywhere. We have surrounded farms with them to increase crop yield and animal health and tossed them into polluted rivers to name just a few applications.

Colours: mostly brown and green for camouflage.

Please note: The Orgonite "Dirty Harries" are the absolutely crude variant of Towerbusters. Hence the name "Dirty Harry". They are meant to be bought and distributed en masse. They are not meant as decorative objects! Expect filings to stick out and corners to be chipped off. All this does not diminish their power in the least."- Ancient Biblical Oils

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