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True Light Reflection (Emet ‘Or Re-i)

R 130

True light Reflection - Emet 'Or Re-i

A special anointing oil from the Blueprint 333 team.

Prophetic anointing oils & balm were blended by Christine De Beer Hofmann in obedience to the Father, and form part of different events hosted on the Amo’or channel.

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Kindly contact us directly on 079 807 0470 for the audio anointing prayer that accompanies this specific anointing oil. 

Background on the oil:

"Before we look at the details and the message of this wonderful oil, I want to reflect back on a time, about 10 years ago when my journey with anointing oils started at a workshop in Vereeniging.

I had a vision about a see through oil with something in it that felt like or reminded me about a door or a window or a big shining material. I wasn’t sure what it was or what the oil vision was about. I shared the vision with the person that presented the workshop, thinking it must be for her as I knew nothing about anointing oil, even less about making it.

About 7 years later, I started with oil workshops. I remembered the vision and thought since nothing happened and this vision still remained, I thought I ought to make the oil of the vision. I did and that was it. It was done or so I thought... Now, 5 years later in 2022 I find myself preparing the 2nd banquet table, when the Holy Spirit reminded me of this very old oil vision. “Now is the time for this oil….”when I suddenly realized: So there was oil to be made in 2017, but I was wrong, it wasn’t wasn’t THIS oil.

It took about 12 years, 21 oils and many journeys to get prepared for an event & message of the 22nd oil - True Light Reflection. It just showed me again how the Lord works with preparation, practice and in perfect timing. I also realized I had a lot to learn & gain maturity in the process.

I believe this oil is new, fresh and it carries a very particular message and anointing for now and the time to come. Let’s start with the name, scripture and some of the prophetic meanings I received." - Christine DBH

The 22nd Oil! The name of the oil is True Light Reflection or Emet ‘Or Re-i in Hebrew.

The oils as well as the engraved mirror inside the oil represents a door or Window to enter through. The oil represents the Spirit of God, Yeshua/Jesus the truth who transforms us into the Image of God so that we can BE, SEE with Clarity, transparency, Holiness & purity.


The truth that Yeshua is the truth, the Way and the Life. He is the truth & Light. The future holds a promise to you of the Miraculous, to See the Image of your savior Yeshua/Jesus in the Spirit and then one day, to see Him Face to Face!


In this instance the spiritual light of God’s word, His presence should provide, Illumination, wisdom and awareness. The light only reflects what is in a mirror, Light provides truth.


The reflection is not completely 100% clear, but you should be able to see some reflection. It is purposely like that, so that you take time for deep reflection. Think, ponder, meditate or give serious thought or consideration to your reflection or the lack of it. Can you see yourself as God wants you to see yourself?

Prophetic meaning:

"As you know by now we pray over the oil before it is released. In a vision I saw how Abba Father anointed the oil with very bright white light from His throne and in that moment I experienced an impartation of wisdom, light, truth.

I experienced how Elisha and someone that felt like Enoch anointed the oil with Fire and some form of transparency. 

It is time to rest in your Hope and Advisor Yeshua and Ruach Hakodesh to be manifested in you, light that will shine out of you and the Image of God to be your ONLY TRUE LIGHT REFLECTION. Amen

We have an enemy and he is cunning, always out to rob & steal. I believe the Father though His Spirit gave me understanding. I realized that the spirit of pride & self-righteousness wants to invade high places of Godly authority. It wants all the Glory!

Hidden pride opens the door for the spirit of Leviathan (The King over all the children of pride Job 41:34) to infect you.

It will hide, sneak up on you, attack you, take you into deeper water when you can’t see or stand - a state of confusion. Then he twists you and throws you around until you are too tired to fight back.

Sometimes people are victims of the attack of the this spirit but sometimes people can be under the controlling This oil stands for clarity and functions like an antidote." - Christine DBH.

Oil Ingredients:  All natural ingredients. These oils are made from a combination of about 7 concentrated natural oils. Use in small amounts, sparingly.

Preservative oil: Wheatgerm

Caution: Always do a patch test on your skin to check for any allergies before using.

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