The Blueprint 333

Walking In Glory (Footsteps Of Glory)

R 147

Ragli’ bekavod - Walking in Glory (Footsteps of Glory)

A special anointing oil from the Blueprint 333 team.

Prophetic anointing oils & balm were blended by Christine De Beer Hofmann in obedience to the Father, and form part of different events hosted on the Amo’or channel.

Should you desire access to these teachings or events, you can email us at

Kindly contact us directly on 079 807 0470 for the audio anointing prayer that accompanies this specific anointing oil. 

The Meaning of Walking in Glory Prophetic Oil
We have to cut off any ropes and hooks that are hindering our walk. Where should you anoint yourself with this oil?
Anoint your feet, especially the soles of your feet. This oil is for a journey of walking. Be willing to do what God asks you to do so you can move forward. Empty of yourself so you will be willing to be a nameless and faceless bondservant in service of the Messiah King, an Ebed-Melech (Jer. 38-39).
The journey symbolizes purity, holiness, being set apart, and cleanness.
Prepare your feet every day as you prepare your armour.
This is oil for your feet but also for your heart and your mind. Anoint your feet for a new message out of your heart. Anoint your ears to hear, and your heart to be pure.
The journey of this oil is a migration to go where the Father sends us. It is backed up with a covenant, a promise He made during the Amo’or event on the 16th of December 2021.
This journey is about faith in action, holiness, and obedience. A new fresh oil of the impossible, where everything becomes possible. The sound of extraordinary power is when we put our feet down.

Oil Ingredients:  All natural ingredients. These oils are made from a combination of about 7 concentrated natural oils. Use in small amounts, sparingly. Preservative oil: Wheatgerm

Caution: Always do a patch test on your skin to check for any allergies before using.

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