Solid Kiaat Wood Covenant Meal Sets

R 795

The covenant meal sets are handmade from 100% solid Kiaat wood with engraving on the lid. 

The inside is lined with cork so it is travel safe and will not break. The content comes in separate compartments, so it does not shuffle or bump. 

Each set contains a bottle with screw cap for grapejuice, aluminium can with a screw cap for bread, a bottle for anointing oil and glasses. 

The bottle and jars are glass and not plastic. 

Bottles and can are empty. 

 There are two different sizes:

  • Wooden set for 2 persons: 225x130mm.
  • Wooden set for 4 persons: 205x180mm

The difference is in the number of glasses, size of the grape juice bottle and the physical size of the meal set.

Available in Afrikaans and English.

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