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Zuleika Deborah Coetzee - From Pain to Freedom

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Zuleika Deborah Coetzee - From Pain to Freedom

Chronic constipation plagues more people than anyone cares to admit. When I went to buy a laxative once, the pharmacist told me that, shockingly, almost 90% of their female customers bought a laxative of sorts.

Struggling with constipation since I was about three months old, being admitted to hospital at around age five for not passing a stool for weeks, only to receive a verdict of “Chronic constipation”, was only the beginning. Those words plagued me growing up, as I visited various doctors and specialists, each prescribing different laxatives or high-fibre bulking agents.

When I fully surrendered my life to the Lord in 2015, He took me on a healing journey. Today, I am healed completely, and I can even eat gluten again. In the past, one bite would leave me bloated and looking 20 weeks pregnant. The pain and discomfort are gone, no laxatives required!

In this book, I share valuable information that changed my life and health completely. I discuss food, supplements, using antibiotics and laxatives, and how making changes in these departments helped me on my journey of healing. I also address how fear and trauma can lead t sickness and how Jesus healed my body, soul, and spirit.

I pray that these practical examples and lifestyle changes will be tools to help you and your family on your way to health, living a life free of pain and discomfort.

God still heals today, but sometimes He first takes us on a road of discovering how we make ourselves sick through our daily choices. Only then will our healing be lasting, when we are educated, informed, and empowered to not only keep our own healing, but ensure the health and well-being of our children and others as well.

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