Salvation Skincare

Salvation Skincare BREATHE skinfix balm 15ml tube

R 130



INCREDIBLY beneficial for people with dry and irritated skin conditions. Without overstimulating oil glands, breathe products provide a deep cleansing and nourishing treatment to balance, purify and refine your skin; making it very suitable for acne skin types or the odd pimple surfacing.
breathe skin fix balm is a deep cleansing balm with de congesting and balancing properties bringing perfect harmony to skins, bringing incredible feel of softness to the skin surface.
NOTE: as this product contain ingredients with antiseptic properties, inflamed skin will look ANGRY/worse the next day before recovery takes place. The skin will surface any pimples before recovery can take place. SOOTHING SHOULD HAPPEN FAST AFTER THIS.
Use to deep cleanse skin while nourishing. Also used to assist those with snoring companions. Apply to your face and partners face. Both your skins should feel very soft and rested. Will also bring out infections overnight for easier extractions, Can be used under steam for deeper cleanse or followed by radiance mask for even better effect, 

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