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Castor & Black Seed Oil Pack

R 400

Castor & Black Seed Oil Pack

Neck pack duo (Includes 50ml bottle of Castor + Black seed oil)

Pelvic pack Duo (Includes 50ml bottle of Castor Black seed oil)

Castor oil comes from the castor seed which is native to India. It is extremely high in the fatty acid ricinoleic acid (about 90% of the oil), which is thought to be responsible for its health-promoting abilities.
Used to purify the skin, black seed, and castor oil combine to act as a powerful antiseptic to fight eczema and skin fungus. It’s healing and nourishing properties help to strengthen the skin acting as a wonderful anti-aging treatment. For the hair, the oil can help fight dandruff whilst nourishing dry and brittle hair. Rich in vitamin E, black seed and castor oil promotes overall healthy well-being.

Experience the extraordinary fusion of two ancient remedies with Mustard Seeds Black Seed & Castor Oil blend. Created for those who seek a natural elixir to revitalize and cleanse their lymphatic system, hair and skin, our organic Hexham free castor and Black seed oil is stored in a amber glass bottle (Glass is important as the oil can leach chemicals from the plastic it sits in, which will then transfer once on your skin)

Castor oil works by stimulating your lymph, and liver function by increasing your lymphocyte count, which then allows the body to speed up the process of removing toxins from your tissues. Lymphatic congestion is a key factor in inflammation and disease
• General inflammation is another reason I encourage using a castor oil and black seed oil pack. That might look like puffiness and swelling, high hsCRP on labs or autoimmune disease.

• Relaxing the digestive system, reducing bloat and improving constipation
• Supports mood by stimulating the production of oxytocin and dopamine
• Supports relaxation and calms the nervous system
• Reducing gallbladder inflammation/stones
• Improving lymphatic drainage
• promote the circulation of blood around & improve both deep sleep and & relaxation
• Reducing gut inflammation
• Reducing headaches and migraines
• Detoxifying the liver
• Shrinking thyroid cysts and nodules
• Reducing painful menstrual cramps
• Shrinking cysts in breast tissue
• Shortening periods and regulating cycles
• Shrinking uterine fibroids
• Shrinking and reducing ovarian cysts
• Reducing symptoms of PCOS
• Improving healthy gut microbiome and biofilm breakdown
• Improving circulation
• Reducing overall inflammation, muscle soreness and joint pain (systemic pain)
• Breaking up adhesions or scar tissue (recommended for after surgery)
• Strengthening the immune system
• Improving and healing the skin (improves eczema and psoriasis, decreases stretch marks and scaring, soothes dry or sunburnt skin and rashes, removes skin tags and moles)
• Improves hair health (increases growth, thickens hair, reduces damage)
• Fights toenail fungus
• Increases relaxation and improves sleep quality (best to do at night)
• Supporting weight loss
• Reducing water retention
• Increasing thyroid health and supporting autoimmune issues (Hashimoto's)

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