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Dr. Eunice Van Der Merwe - Prophetic Wellness Paperback

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Dr. Eunice Van Der Merwe - Prophetic Wellness Paperback

"This work truly captures the essence of essential oils, emphasizing their value and potential to enrich lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

You will go far to find a more comprehensive work on everything oil-related. For any person who simply wants to enrich his or her life, any serious student of the Bible, and anyone interested in health and wellness - this will be an extremely useful source.
Do you want to know more about the brain's response to essential oils?
Do you want to present a workshop and/or obtain information?
Do you need information for Bible study group?
Are you seeking training in workshop facilitation?
Do you want to use the prophetic meaning of Biblical oils in therapy?
Do you want to provide health benefits for your family with fragrant oils?
Do you want to understand the prophetic depth of the Bride of Christ?
... then this is for you! The list of possibilities has no end.
Also, this will be a reference work for years to come for anyone seeking more. I can assure you that you will be helped on both prophetic (spiritual) and therapeutic (physical-emotional) levels. You will indeed become an advocate of Prophetic wellness.


This dissertation was completed for the Ph.D. in management in 2020. Dr. Eunicé van der Merwe has combined two decades of research and practical offerings in this work. May the whole world be enriched with Biblical Truth and by science so that each and every one can live at a level of wholeness to fill the world with fragrances of joy and peace, health and hope!"

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