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Dr. Eunice Van Der Merwe - Fragrances That Preach

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Troy Brewer wrote a book called ‘Numbers that preach’. When I first heard about the title of Troy’s book, I spontaneously reacted with:

“If numbers preach, fragrances must certainly also preach!”
Upon studying the fragrances grouped together by God himself, I discovered a few, but three stood out:
– The Holy Perfume with 4 distinguished fragrances
– The Oil of Joy with 3 significant fragrances
– The Breath of God consisting of Cypress and Myrtle mentioned in Isaiah 55:13, described as the ‘Testimony to Yahweh’s renown, everlasting signs that will not be cut off’ TPT

This book is designed to start your journey of discovery!

From here, the only One who will teach you regarding the rest of the journey is the Anointing Himself as it says in 1 John 2:17:” The anointing will teach you regarding everything” - Myrrh Products. 

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