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John: Signs of the Messiah Bible Study Book - Storyteller (Paperback)

R 179

Study seven miracles in the first 12 chapters of John that reveal the identity and divinity of Jesus.
The Gospel of John is one of four books that describes the life of Jesus. John’s gospel is organized in two big divisions, the book of the signs and the book of the suffering servant.
The first part introduces us to Jesus through the lens of 7 key miracles or signs that Jesus does to disclose His identity and prove His divinity. These signs are meant to show us who Jesus is and what He is like. They disclose to us what He cares about and point us back to God.
For all of us following Jesus or maybe those who are just looking into Jesus, these signs will point us on a path to the Savior.

Session Topics:
• Follow Me
• I Am He
• I Am Working Also
• Believe in the One He Sent
• I Am the Light of the World
• I Am the Resurrection and the Life
• I Will Draw All People to Myself

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