Ancient Biblical Oils

Linen Turbans

R 385
Color: White

Linen Turbans

100% Linen Turban from Ancient Biblical Oils, used as a spiritual head covering.

"A very important tool for prayer and meditation for both men and women.
The Biblical culture was given to Yisrael by YHVH (The LORD) moulded by The Language of creation (Hebrew) within the Hebrew language there are fascinating ideas with regards to the function of turbans in the process of serving YHVH, because of these ideas we believe Moshe was given instruction to make Turbans for the Levitical priesthood who served in The House of The Great King." - Ancient Biblical Oils

40cm x 190cm

Available in 3 colours - Dusty pink, oatmeal and white.

Kindly select your preferred colour. 

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