House Of Ariel Gate

Natasha Grbich - Trading With Heaven: Unlocking The Secrets Of Trading

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Jesus Christ is the Chief Trader on the trading floor of heaven, as He is also the Chief Advocate in heaven’s courts. The Father so loved the world that His trade is an eternal one for all time, He gave or traded His Son to free all nations.

Natasha was given the stewardship of Trading with Heaven in 2006, prophesied at the launch of Ariel Gate by James Goll. James Goll saw that this understanding of trading would go across the nations. Trading on the sea of glass, was a mystery she has carried since 2005. The conference notes from 2012 presented the Economy of Heaven as a Stock Broking enterprise operating from the sea of glass/trading floor before the throne.

Intercession opened the Trading Floors to her, for the primary purpose of being able to trade back the souls of men from all the nations; back into the Heavenly Stock Exchange.

She explains that there are primarily two Houses holding the stocks and shares of the souls of all people, from every nation, tribe and tongue, each under their various principalities and powers.

Satan loses stock out of his Blood Bank and out of his Stock Exchange as intercessors from the House of Prayer for all Nations begin to transfer these souls out of the trading and traffic of the gates of hell.

Intercessors are stewards on the trading floor, as they are lawyers in the Courts of Heaven. The earthly economy operates on the law of scarcity and fear, because it is under the rulership of Satan, who was thrown out of heaven because of his inside trading.

The heavenly economy operates on the law of abundance, grace and blessing – that there is never any lack, or any poverty ever. The elites of the world operate a global economy within a House that has the law of sin and death as it’s protocol.

Stock Brokers and kingdom hostage negotiators are about to move the souls of men out of the trading floors in hell and translate them into the kingdom of His marvelous light.

Revelations five sees every nation represented on the sea of glass singing “Worthy is the Lamb”, God’s Traders are coming as faithful stewards or economists of a new covenant, a new dispensation, to see the word of Revelations five concerning the nations come to pass.


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