Deborah Lev

Protea And Freshwater Pearl Earrings

R 1,580

Protea and pearl process

The protea is the process in which we are born again (John 3:3), a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) and purified by fire (1 Peter 1:7).

It is after the protea burned that it releases seed and multiply. In the same manner, we are being used as seeds by Yeshua, our King, to sow the Kingdom of God across the globe (Matthew 13).

We, however, are not the ones to make the seed grow, which is a difficult concept to accept. Why? It means that we have to allow people to choose "death", even if we love them, because it’s their journey, not ours.

The Pearl process is where we admit and acknowledge that we have a treasure inside of us (that’s why Jesus Christ bought us with His precious Blood), and that this treasure needs to be developed and come into maturity.

Again, it does not come into maturity by our own works; it is in partnering with the Holy Spirit and allowing Jesus Christ to transform us. Our part is constantly removing everything in our lives that hinder us from being who Abba Father created us to be.

This, in a sense, is also part of the purification process mentioned in the protea process. The pearl process requires us to process our traumas for the beautiful jewel to take form in us. The pearl also serves as a significant sign of overcoming and of spiritual maturity (Hebrew 6:1) that need to settle into our lives (Revelations 21:21).

The Protea and Pearl Jewellery series is a constant reminder that we are moving forward by the GRACE of Abba Father, we admit that it’s a dancing journey involving different processes and moves. We discipline ourselves to focus on the treasure developing in us as we become the spotless bride while being the seed to enhance the Kingdom of YHVH.

To me, personally, the protea and pearl ring is daily encouragement. I think it’s because my current process is to master patience and I love things to be done yesterday which causes me to want to take the lead in my dance with my King.

If you decide to buy any of these pieces, may the Holy Spirit whisper in your heart what specific meaning or purpose it has for you.

Packaging in photos is solely for display purposes.
Each jewellery piece is packed in a silver tin with a special message. 

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