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The Action Bible Guess It Game (Boxed Set)

R 130

The Action Bible Guess It Game (Boxed Set)

Can you guess the biblical person, place, or thing? Ready … GO! If your kids liked The Action Bible®, they’ll love The Action Bible® Guess-It Game. Learning the Bible has never been more easy and fun!
Artist Sergio Cariello’s energetic illustrations, taken from The Action Bible®, give life to the stories as young minds try to correctly guess the identity of a Bible person, place or thing with as few clues as possible. Great for traveling or family game night, these action-packed cards will help expand youngster’s Bible knowledge in a fun and interactive way.
Special features include:

• 99 oversized cards with 20 clues each
• Quick reference guide so you can find each story in The Action Bible®
• Instruction card with up to three ways to play.

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