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The Passion Translation : The Book Of Song Of Songs 2020 Edition (Paperback)

R 255
The book of Song of Songs is an inspired work of art. Breath taking and beautiful; the sweetest song of all ages unveils the Shulamite’s journey in the form of an anointed allegory. It is a melody sung from the heart of Jesus Christ for his longing bride.
The Holy Spirit has hidden within the Song of Songs an amazing story of how Jesus makes his bride beautiful and holy by casting out her fear with perfect love. Its storyline is full of symbols and subtle art forms, which are often overlooked without interpretation.
Love will always find a language in which to express itself. This revelation sent from heaven is waiting to be received with all its intensity and power to unlock the deepest places of our hearts.
Every part of you is so beautiful, my darling.
Perfect is your beauty, without flaw within.
Song of Songs 4:7

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